Blackout! #7 (One Euro version)

If you ever perform in a black t-shirt, black dress shirt, black pants, black tie, black burqa or any even partially black article of clothing, Blackout! is for you. Blackout! is an elegant BA solution to vanishing, producing or transposing a coin in the most practical and absolute cleanest of manners. Blackout! can be performed anytime, anywhere, under all lighting conditions and completely surrounded. This utility system is 100% practical and allows for literally endless possibilities. Blackout! has been custom (and extremely cleverly) machined to precise specifications by master craftsman Roy Kueppers for completely free handling and maximum stealth awesomeness. Comes complete with a full length DVD and everything you need to perform ridiculously clean, impossible looking coin magic. Order it now.
Blackout! #7 (One Euro version)
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